Will a fan appear on the Nubia Red Magic 5G smartphone?

The Nubia Red Magic 5G smartphone will feature an ultra-fast charge of 80 watts, which will probably require an advanced heat dissipation system. According to a company representative, its engineers found a way to use air cooling. There were suggestions that for this Nubia Red Magic 5G will install some kind of fan – cooler.

It is assumed that during the “turbo-charging” the system will monitor the temperature and, if necessary, ventilate the heated elements. This approach will speed up the battery charging process, while keeping the temperature non-critical for the components.

The need for fast charging is dictated, among other things, by increased energy consumption – supporting 5G networks requires a lot of resources with existing solutions.

In addition to fast charging, Nubia Red Magic 5G will receive 16 GB of RAM and a 64-megapixel Sony IMX686 sensor.

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