Windows 10 gets native Linux subsystem support in Explorer

If the Linux distribution is installed on the computer, then access to its files can be obtained from the Windows subsystem for Linux.

Microsoft will add support for the Linux subsystem in Windows Explorer 10. Users will be able to access the root file system of distributions by selecting “Linux” in the navigation panel.

The new function works when the Windows Subsystem for Linux subsystem is enabled. Since April 9, the ability to open files has become available to testers, and in future updates it will become public. Previously, Windows 10 users had to manually enter the path to access Linux subsystem files from Windows.

In recent years, Microsoft has been actively implementing Linux support. The company integrated the Bash Shell command shell , added support for native OpenSSH , and also released Ubuntu, SUSE Linux, and Fedora distributions on the Windows Store.

Editor’s Note: From the original version of the note, it would appear that users could access the Linux files installed as the second system. However, in fact, we are talking about subsystems that work through the Windows Subsystem for Linux compatibility layer. The author apologizes for the inaccuracy made.

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