Windows 7 rebelled: “You do not have permission to turn off this computer”

More often bugs lead to the fact that the user can not turn on the computer. But the last bug in Windows 7, on the contrary, does not allow the user to turn off the computer or even restart it. “You do not have permission to turn off this computer, ” an inscription appears on the screen when you try to correctly terminate the Windows 7 session.

Messages about the problem appeared both on the Microsoft tech support forum and on Reddit. The company is now actively working on troubleshooting.

Some users were able to solve it by disabling several Adobe software update services. Another was helped by the local group policy editor, which opens after entering “gpedit.msc” in the “Run” window (it can be opened through a search in the “Start” menu).

Recently, Microsoft officially stopped supporting the outdated Windows 7 operating system, but after it was forced to release another update that fixed a bug in the system’s desktop wallpaper.

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