Windows 7 users are trying to lure on Ubuntu

Canonical, after Windows 7 completed free support and the Windows operating system became really outdated, reminded users of its existence. Microsoft, we recall, invited users to buy new computers – with Windows 10. Canonical announced an alternative: leave the old PC, but install Ubuntu on it.

In this case, the representative of the alternative OS developer said, you don’t have to spend money on upgrading hardware – everything will work fine on the old one. On the eve of Canonical, it took the first step in moving Windows users to Ubuntu, releasing a guide to moving from one operating system to another.

Canonical points out many of the advantages of an alternative OS (a free developed ecosystem and an abundance of available software), but acknowledges that not all Windows users will be able to abandon the usual operating system – if only because of the lack of certain programs.

In the first part of the “tutorial” on the transition from Windows 7 to Ubuntu, Canonical talks about preparing for a difficult process.

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