Xbox Series X has an NVMe M.2 SSD – should make it easier to repair your console

It’s from Western Digital, the company that made the first Series X expansion cards.

The type of SSD installed in the next-generation console from Microsoft was noticed by Brazilian video blogger Rato Borrachudo, who was one of the first to completely disassemble the device during a stream on Twitch.

The Xbox Series X uses a 1TB NVMe M.2 2230 drive from Western Digital, and it is not soldered on the board itself, but screwed to it with a screw. In one of the photos posted by the blogger on Twitter, you can also see the SSD model – SN530.

It appears to be based on a similar PC variant, which, along with all the specs, can be found on the WD website. However, the interface is different: the drive from the manufacturer’s website uses PCIe Gen 3, and the Xbox Series X uses PCIe Gen 4 .

Such a console device should seriously simplify its repair in the event of a breakdown, since the SSD will be easier to replace.


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