Xiaomi patented a sliding smartphone with a flexible screen

Manufacturers of mobile devices continue to study the question of how to make a smartphone “not like everyone else.” Now the struggle is waged on two fronts: multi-pixel cameras (they say Samsung is preparing to introduce a 144-megapixel sensor), as well as the flexibility and form of the screens. Xiaomi’s next patent points to a device with a flexible sliding display.

The smartphone described in the documents with a flick of the wrist turns into a kind of tablet. The flexible screen panel until this moment is in a bent state, “wrapping” the case inside. The slider, moving to the side, pulls the hidden area out. The LetsGoDigital resource drew attention to the patent.

A similar design was patented by LG. Unlike the Xiaomi solution, the Korean manufacturer’s smartphone is moving apart from the center.

As usual, the presence of a patent does not mean that the described design will find application in a real smartphone or it will happen in the near future.

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