Xiaomi showed smart toilet for $ 800

New from Xiaomi is the fully automated Jenner XS smart toilet. The company pays special attention to the “patented technology of intelligent lift change” design. The height of the toilet is adjustable in the range of 10 centimeters, so even children with a height of 90 centimeters can use the novelty. And for adults, the problem with posture is solved.

The toilet lid automatically rises when a person approaches the device, and closes when the user sets off. “Intelligent technology for gentle washing with bubbles,” as well as warm drying will also delight buyers. In addition, a futuristic remote control and a five-step seat heating are provided.

In China, the top version of the Xiaomi toilet bowl costs about $ 800. You can save $ 140, but then you have to put up with a “stupid” cover that does not recognize users and rise / fall when they appear.


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