Xiaomi showed the flagship Mi 10 with advanced cooling

Xiaomi published renderings of the flagship Mi 10, which will be presented on February 13, and at the same time talked about the features of the device. The device will receive a frameless display that goes to the side faces. The back panel also climbs to the edge, which visually reduces the thickness of the smartphone.

Xiaomi Mi 10 will be equipped with the latest Snapdragon 865 chip and RAM standard LPDDR5 8 or 12 GB. The company took a serious approach to cooling the device: the plate that is needed to remove heat is much larger than those used in smartphones from other manufacturers. At least Xiaomi claims this. Cooling Mi 10 and an unnamed smartphone from another manufacturer:

In addition, the Mi 10 will host five sensors for monitoring the temperature of iron: processor, camera, battery, connector, and cellular chip. Finally, graphite will appear in the smartphone, which is also useful for removing heat from components.

The price of the device is rumored to start at $ 600.

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