Xiaomi will release Smartknow automatic toothpaste squeezer

Xiaomi launches another technological product – an automatic dispenser for toothpaste, equipped with a UV lamp to destroy germs on the toothbrush. It is called Smartknow, which may be confused at first. Inside the “hollow”, where you need to insert a toothbrush, an IR sensor is installed, which determines the presence of an accessory for hygiene in it.

After receiving the information, the device turns on ultraviolet light for disinfection, and then squeezes the toothpaste. The Smartknow design prevents the tube contents from coming into contact with air, avoiding the ingress of contaminants.

You can buy a glass for a group disinfection of toothbrushes at the dispenser – in the kit they will cost $ 14, if taken separately – Smartknow will cost about $ 12, capacity – $ 10. After the crowdfunding phase, devices will rise in price.

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