Xiaomi’s Mi 11 smartphone will be sold without the included charging adapter – previously the company ridiculed Apple for this x

Mi 10T Pro

Mi 10T Pro

The CEO of Xiaomi Lei Jun announced this on the Chinese social network Weibo page. According to him, people have a lot of extra charging adapters left, which creates an environmental burden.

The head of Xiaomi stressed that extra charges are a problem both for nature and for the user himself, who does not know what to do with them.

The presentation of Mi 11 is due on December 28th.

In response to technology and environmental concerns, the included charging adapter has been removed from the box. I hope for your support. Is there a better solution between industrial practice and environmental protection?

Lei Jun
Xiaomi CEO

Apple was the first to remove the charging adapters from the package , starting with the 12th line, but the changes also affected earlier models like the 11 and XR. According to the company, everyone has charging blocks, and the production of unnecessary components will only harm the environment, as well as increase the carbon footprint.

Then Apple noted that due to the lack of a charging unit in the kit, it will be able to supply smartphones in smaller boxes, which will also have a positive impact on the environment.

Apple’s decision to exclude charging from its smartphones was ridiculed by other companies like Samsung, but the Korean manufacturer later removed the ad.

Xiaomi, in turn, released a short video, jokingly recalling that its current flagship Mi 10T Pro will come with a charger.

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