Your Mac has active angles. How to set them up

Apple’s operating system is full of hidden settings and options.

Now let’s talk about a convenient way to perform four additional actions in the system. It will be about active angles in macOS.

What are the active angles

The rather old macOS features allows you to configure up to four actions when you hover over each corner of the screen.

The list of actions is limited, but there are several convenient and useful.

For example, you can quickly turn off the display without putting the Mac into sleep mode, lock the computer, or turn on the screen saver.

It’s very convenient to use active angles for those who use the mouse to control, because it has much less customizable gestures than the Apple trackpad.

How to set active angles

  1. Go to System Settings – Desktop and screen saver – Screensaver – Active angles …
  2. Select the desired screen angle.
  3. Set up a quick action for him.

You can choose from:

  • enable / disable screen saver
  • Dashboard
  • Mission Control
  • Desktop display
  • Show all application windows
  • Notification center
  • Launchpad
  • Monitor sleep mode
  • Mac Screen Lock

Now just move the cursor to the corner and the action is activated.

And here is a cool trick

Using active corners in this form is not very convenient , because when you try to quickly move the cursor to one of the corners to go, for example, to the basket, menu bar or other elements, a false positive often occurs.

It turns out that active angles may not always work, but only when you press the modifier button.

When choosing an action for the active corner, hold down one or more keys: command , option , control or shift .

So the active angle will work only when you hover with the modifier key pressed.

Please note that for each corner you can configure your own keys to trigger.


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