Zoom will add encryption to free users, but after verification

Earlier, the developer company Zoom talked about the refusal to protect end-to-end encryption of the correspondence of users of the free version of the messenger. This was explained by the need to provide ways to deal with the “bad guys” (criminals, rapists, “abusers” and so on) – if there is encryption, it is almost impossible to bring them to clean water.

A similar step provoked a discussion of the situation, since users from the category of ordinary ones were already accustomed to the fact that their correspondence is usually protected and the possibility of being under the gun of special services did not suit them very well.

Zoom decided to slightly change the policy by implementing end-to-end encryption support for free users, but in this case they will have to verify themselves by indicating the mobile phone number to which the SMS will come. Most likely, this approach will be able to cut off part of the unwanted audience.


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